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When I create a space for a client, I don’t dream up design concepts out of thin air.  I wholeheartedly believe that your home, your office, your space should be a complete reflection of the life you've lived, as well as, an inspiration of the great things to come. Your surroundings should reflect the way you have traveled and the journey you have taken. I aim for diverse designs that have no single color, era, or style of taste - but a menagerie of all things unique and interesting to you. I design without creative boundaries and limitations. Wanderlust, adventure, surprise, and ease, all designed into the surroundings you live within.


Redecorate the house. Throw the party.
Eat the cake.


Full Service Design

Based in Carlsbad, California

I work with people to transform their spaces and experiences. I offer everything from home and office design to custom crafted furniture, curated pieces, and commissioned one-of-a-kind art. I will even lend a hand designing your dream party, complete with a fabulously delicious cake. When we work together, you will enjoy a personalized experience. You'll find from the tiniest of details to the entire collective space, that nothing is overlooked.

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What clients are saying about Lisa.

I have commissioned Lisa to do a few pieces of art for me and my absolute favorite is that of my beloved pet, Rocky. I appreciate that Lisa is observant, sees the world differently and it comes through in the originality of her art; she takes risks and uses color and texture to present her subjects in new and fresh ways. Lisa is an artist that finds excitement in risk and takes them often—work is truly an extension of who she is as a person!
— John
Lisa Hellstrom painted several custom pictures for our home in Borrego Springs. She absolutely transformed the house with her paintings. She was able to bring the warmth and beauty of the desert inside to the walls of an otherwise typical home. Her use of color and texture make the paintings spectacular! We only needed to verbally share with her our love of the desert and she captured exactly what we were looking for. She is brilliant, talented, and an absolute delight to work with.
— Christine
I am honored to provide, Lisa Hellstrom, of Hellstrom Design Works, the highest recommendation. She is talented, thoughtful, fun and a joy to work with. Her interior design ideas are amazing and she does an excellent job of combining what the owner wants with what will look magnificent.
She has worked with me on 4 different interior vacation rental projects and we are working on a big project currently. I look forward to working with her in the future and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to spruce up their home or to completely start from scratch!
— Brenda
I, purchased a home in Del Mar Beach Colony. I’ve then retained Lisa Hellstrom to remodel portions of the home (both bathrooms completely) and redecorate and refurnish all the rest of the home. The reason I wish to recommend her to the maximum is because she completed everything on schedule and or below budget and I believe it is because she didn’t run 2 or 3 other jobs at the same time and was at mine all day every day verifying in advance on colors, choice of purchase and the like. Negating returns or corrections...complete satisfaction for a change.
— Chrys